Friday, May 31, 2013

I Am Ecstatic!

I am ecstatic!   Elliot just turned five years old and he is my new muse and collaborator!  He plays harmonica and toy guitar; wears glasses; paints emotion-yanking paintings; giggles at funny sounding words, is lactose intolerant and knows how to bake a cake with no milk; guessed my age is 21 :-)  ; knows quite a few notable rock-stars but never ever drops names;  invites me to play games with him and says my voice calms him down.

Elliot is my new collaborator.  We are beginning a new summer project - a book illustrated with his paintings with co-written and recorded songs.

I've had some amazing collaborators in my lifetime:  Rich Mullins, Noel Paul Stookey, Wendy Waldman, Keith Steagal, Phil Keaggy, Pam Tillis, Al Perkins, Jerry Chamberlain, and now Elliot!

I've always been able to feel when a collaboration is going to be good - and I know this will be fun and wonderful with Elliot.  He has exceptional parents - intelligent, Spirit-lit, artistic, inspiring and encouraging - Joshua and Rachel Lickter who are  Rooted - Artistic - Welcoming  Thanks for introducing me to Elliot!

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